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Read carefully before registering

1- Attempt to hacking/cheating/botting will lead you to hardware id permanent block.
2- Flaming, insulting or making drama in public chat will lead you to mute or permanent block.
3- Reports/suggestions is not allowed in public chat, do so on support ticket/fb messages/discord.
4- Sharing account/items are your own risk, we will not help you if you got scammed.
5- Trading account/items for real money or other servers will lead you to permanently block.
6- Abusing any bug or glitch will lead you to hardware id ban, report it instead for rewards.
7- harmful insults (family, religion, etc) will lead you to mute or even permanent block.
8- Spreading fake facts about the server/team will lead you to hardware id permanent block.
9- We are not responsible for sharing party drops, make a party with players you trust.
10- Assassinating in boss or party areas is not allowed, you will be warned then next time block.
11- Advertising any other server in anyway is forbidden and will lead you to permanent block.
12- All rules apply to donators as well, donating will not make you invisible.

I've read and agree to server rules