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Server News

30/10/2019 - Notice

KalSavage Version 2
Welcome back to the second version of the server!

We're happy that you are here and interested in our server.
We are ready for the OFFICIAL start of the server .

KalSavage OFFICIAL starting 01/10 (tomorrow) 17:00 GMT+1
You have to register a new account for the OFFICIAL start

Vote for us through /vote or userpanel to get 40x Jewel in official.
Top 3 players with most bug reports are: DaVinci/Leaked/Shaggy, Contact us in Discord.
Please inform all your friends and let them join us.

KalSavage Team

Server Features

- Ksing Protection (ON/OFF Hotkey: "K" on keyboard).
- Party Leader who controls Ksing Protection. (in case of party).
- Ksing Protection is turned off by default.
- Assassins cannot attack each others if they are in same party.
- Custom Effects and Textures including skill effects.
- Introducing never seen Shadow of Devah System (Coming as update).
- Zamogeons Keeper put in/out limitation has been removed.
- Automatic exchange geons to ingots when you reach 2,050kkk.
- Custom Mautareta System in Valley of Devah with registration.
- Hardware ID Limitation for Battlefield registration.
- Custom Tower of Priest/Valley of Devah Monster Spawn.
- Hanin Mirrors, Demon Gong and Mining has been removed.
- A lot of Daily, Repeatable and task quests to keep you busy.
- Daily Random Lucky Player Lottery System.
- Event Organizer with random 4 Events.
- Specific Pets for each character.
- Mask Item (ASSASSIN) can be used inside fort only.
- Soul Destruction becomes AoE on 3rd job change until Lv.75 (PVE Only).
- Rupture becomes AoE on 3rd job change until Lv.75 (PVE Only).
- Hunting System for Castle Owners and their alliance.
- Daily EXP Event and Animal EXP Event 2 times a day.
- Fishing System completely removed from the server.
- Revival from the same death place for new-comers.
- Crafting System based on Honor and Key Party.
- Valuable Rewards for voting with in-game vote reminder.
- You will discover a lot of new features in-game.

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